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2012. 11.22 Thu – 12.25 Sun  note et sort website                ( english below )


note et silence 吉祥寺路面店のクリスマスディスプレイを制作させて頂きました.







guest : Specialnormal Inc. / NO ARCHITECTS / KUNIKO OTOMO

吉祥寺路面店, 表参道ヒルズ,京都路面店でも同時開催.

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[ note et sort vol.7]


date : 2012. 11.22 Thu – 12.09 Sun

note et sort website


Christmas art work for window display will be exhibited at note et silence flagship stores.

The given theme for three creators, Specialnormal Inc. / NO ARCHITECTS / KUNIKO OTOMO, is ”plain”.


This event will be held simultaneously at the shop in Omotesando-Hills( Specialnormal Inc.),Kyoto flagship store(NO ARCHITECTS), and Kichijyouji flagship store(KUNIKO OTOMO).

My art work will decorate Kichijyouji flagship store and part of them will be exhibited at other stores.


Relating to this event, “special RED colored products” will be launched by several brands of Ambitex.

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